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The Donald Trump Natural Born Nonsense that won’t die Naturally

January 18, 2016


The Natural Born Citizen issue that reared its ugly head before and during the most recent GOP Presidential debate in Charleston, SC – is still actively being disputed in the Conservative social media universe and in the news cycle itself. Donald Trump is hammering on it in speeches in Iowa and, not surprisingly, Ann Coulter […]

“Can I interest you in some Free Community College?” NO.

January 15, 2015


  A friend sent me the new Ann Coulter column in which she takes apart Obama’s latest grasping at straws scheme to change the national subject, the “Free Community College” proposal. I’m not going to discuss the proposal itself or quote Ann Coulter’s piece. To quote the article even in part, would be to rob […]


April 2, 2012


Dude look familiar?  If he does, it’s probably because you carry his picture in your wallet.  Yeah, I see you with that wad of $2o’s tucked neatly in the cash pocket.  Well, I’ll be discussing our 7th President in much greater frequency in future posts, but there is no question that he would have a […]