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Lies, and the Lying Crooks and Liars That Tell Them

August 28, 2013


  A colleague of mine, called my attention to a post on a Democrat party shill website named ‘Crooks and Liars’.  At first I assumed the site was dedicated to serving up a daily main course and assorted entrees exhibiting those very attributes – (crookedness and lying) of the Obama administration and its coterie of […]

Obama’s ‘Sons’ Busy Doing What They Do

August 23, 2013


Barack Obama is one busy ‘Baby Daddy’. In addition to all the other mayhem they’ve been up to (the Christopher Lane murder and the Pinellas County School Bus beating), one more of his ‘sons’ – apparently related to Trayvon Martin by the President’s mental association, is being sought by authorities in connection for murdering an […]

Egypt’s Churches Torched Along With Obama’s Reputation

August 19, 2013


Editor’s Note: Today’s Guest Editorial comes from Mr. Youssef M. Ibrahim, of the Gatestone Institute. Mr. Ibrahim is a respected subject matter specialist on Middle East matters, and as you will see – he knows the lay of the land in Egypt to a high degree of expertise. In reading his report, I was pleased […]

Barack’s Benghazi Bull S

August 9, 2013


Editor’s Note:  At Blasted Fools, I seldom ever publish something that might fit into the ‘re-post’ category – although I do publish original material from contributors.  I’ve not had the pleasure of the acquaintance of Col. Handley – but this narrative of his was so authoritative that I knew I had to share it with […]

I Love A Man in Uniform!

June 24, 2013


Another day, another atrocity in our nation’s slide into the Pit of Depravity.  The Pit of Depravity is a new waterpark they’re building in Arlington County.  The slides look fun.  We knew that whoever Obama selected for SecDef was going to be at least equally as bad as RapMaster Leon P –  so today’s Blasted […]

Diversity Killed Lee Rigby

May 27, 2013


One aspect of the  recent London terror murder of Soldier Lee Rigby, that stands out in my estimation, is the response of the public officials.  Britain has long been under the threat of islamist attacks from within and has suffered much loss of life and limb in the last decade, but the government has walked […]

Necessity Is A Mother

May 5, 2013


It’s said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  No, that wasn’t Frank Zappa – I believe it was Plato. Well, invention may have leapfrogged necessity by a few feet here, but an emerging technology – 3-D Printers, has the momentum to render all of the debates about gun ownership and gun control, a moot […]

His Royal Majesty’s Drones

March 7, 2013


I wanted to embed one of the all time scenes involving a predator drone from the world of entertainment.  This, from the grand series end finale of my favorite TV drama, 24 – was my initial choice –  because it affords you the script writer’s anticipation of the policy argument now at hand – that […]

Walking Tall

January 24, 2013


When I read the report on CNS News detailing the Sheriffs around America who are signaling their intention to refuse to enforce any un constitutional laws that infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights, I got to thinking about gutsy Sheriffs.  Then I got to thinking about a fellow, whose story was turned into a hugely […]


January 9, 2013


Feinkenstein’.  That’s Di Fi’s new name here at Blasted Fools.  We published a comprehensive dossier on her, just before last November’s election when we tried to assist her opponent Elizabeth Emken in gaining some much needed traction in the polls.  That and any other efforts in the Nickel State (formerly Golden), were exercises in futility.  […]