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The Donald Trump Natural Born Nonsense that won’t die Naturally

January 18, 2016


The Natural Born Citizen issue that reared its ugly head before and during the most recent GOP Presidential debate in Charleston, SC – is still actively being disputed in the Conservative social media universe and in the news cycle itself. Donald Trump is hammering on it in speeches in Iowa and, not surprisingly, Ann Coulter […]

You Can’t Protect America with a Blindfold on.

December 6, 2015


Editor’s Note:  This is the first of a three part series on domestic terror prompted by the edicts of the “religion of peace”. We will begin with examining what the actual causes are of attacks like the one in San Bernardino, Boston and Garland, Texas, and by contrast, what aspects are merely the effects. The […]

Paris Terror, Islamic Militants and Euro vs Euro

November 17, 2015


  I have a number of observations concerning the horrific attack by Muslim fanatics on Parisian concert goers and others attending sports events and just enjoying the evening on Friday of last week, which claimed 129 victims and likely to claim more. Before I begin, my heart goes out to the survivors of the attack […]

Ted Cruz, Winner – plus the also rans at the Values Voter Summit 2015 – Rubio, Carson, Huckabee

September 30, 2015


To make good on my promise to discuss the appearances of the rest of the GOP hopefuls that attended the 2015 Values Voter Summit last week, I’m going to outline the impact they had and the points they scored or didn’t score with the evangelical Republican audiences gathered at the event – a segment representing […]

Donald Trump and the CNN GOP Toe Fungus Debate

September 17, 2015


As to the title of this report, the corporate sponsor of last night’s debate was Kerydin – the latest and greatest OTC toe fungus cure. I’m not sure why Fougera Pharmaceuticals thinks that Republican voters are a prime demographic for toe fungus remedies. Maybe they have discovered that Jublia has a corner on the Democrat […]

San Francisco & Obama Administration Falsely Justify their Sanctuary City Policies – They Lied, Kate Died

July 23, 2015


We previously looked at how San Francisco, or “Sanctuary Francisco” officials, not being able to take the heat  – are fleeing the kitchen and trying in vain to deflect responsibility to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for releasing dangerous illegal alien felons back into the city. Although, they may not have a shred of moral conscience, […]

Ted Cruz – The Foreign Policy Goldilocks

April 22, 2015


Part of what prompted me to write this column was a segment on Fox News a few nights ago.  (Editor’s Note: this report has been updated since its’ original 4/22/15 publication).  Sean Hannity, whom I only watch when I’m visiting  mom in Arizona, was interviewing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani about what the mayor […]

Mitt Romney 2016 – Don’t Even Think About It, Say No Go!

October 24, 2014


  Well, I tell you what. I had an article to write about all the ferment within the neo-con wing of the GOP about Mitt taking another shot at the presidential nomination, but I put it on a back burner to simmer. That was until “the Donald” – yes, that Donald, Donald Trump forced my […]

Obama gets go ahead for new round of arming Islamic State militants

September 22, 2014


                          ISIS needs more trained fighters – Obama and Congress to the rescue There was an expression I heard somewhat frequently growing up – particularly when working with my father.  “Don’t just stand around, do something, even if it’s wrong!”  I recognized this for the negative and facetious comment that it was, and filed it […]

Don’t Forget About Sarah

March 9, 2014


We are now in the process of evaluating this year’s CPAC, and that’s something I intend to properly address in a day or two, but meanwhile, I was doing a little housekeeping, cleaning out old emails and email drafts and found one about a person that has been enormously influential, but of whom, very little […]