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Sanctuary Much – The Business and Politics of Immigration Enforcement Free Zones in America’s Cities

July 11, 2015


My previous column, San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle’s death – “No soy culpable.”, – the first in a multi-part series, looked at San Francisco’s pioneering role in establishing a Cordon Sanitaire against federal immigration enforcement, known as Sanctuary City and its effect in making life more dangerous for legal residents. […]

The Buffoon from the Chicago Tribune

January 14, 2014


You’ll forgive me if I just take a break from the ordinary format of buttressing my perspectives with documentation, quotes and data points and just vent.  Perhaps I should do so more often and likely I will, because progressives don’t know what to do with the truth when they see it and you rely on […]

More Cats, Less Rats

September 24, 2013


  I’ve written numerous columns illustrating the staggering lack of logic and reason within the gun control movement among liberals at large, in the media and within the Democrat party.  I found it necessary to return to the topic, because I just got a super-sized example of the impaired judgment and intellectual dishonesty of gunophobes […]

Lara Logan – Journalistic Integrity – it’s not always an Oxymoron

October 11, 2012


I have the sense that I’ve just discovered the needle – or at least a needle, in the proverbial haystack.  A field reporter inside the belly of the beast – the legacy, political, corporate media, that has actually dared to contradict that media’s anointed President and his administration. It’s a little shocking to hear what […]

Filleting Fast Food Fascism

August 1, 2012


We’ve talked about the Chick-Fil-A controversy that has erupted in Chicago in light of the social values and culture war perspective. The idea that a business owner cannot, according to Alderman Moreno and Rahm Emanuel, express a personal viewpoint about the homosexual agenda – Gay marriage in particular, has been discussed with great fervor. It […]

President Obama – you DID build this

July 25, 2012


President Obama, you DID build this…but you didn’t do it all by yourself. Obama’s comments on the campaign trail, telling the audience that he’s of the belief that the business owner wasn’t the prime mover behind the creation of his or her enterprise, has had incredible traction, both in terms of shelf life and potential […]

Jack in the (Ballot) Box

July 18, 2012


Democrats typically take a laisse faire, whatever happens, happens, it’s all good, approach to elections. No worries, mate. What? Pardon me, did you mention something about Bush V. Gore in 2000? Oh, yeah – how could I forget that? They got their shorts in a pretty tight bunch about that one didn’t they? But generally, […]

Tea Party Terrorists

July 11, 2012


President Obama is bosom buddies with a pair of lovely individuals, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Doern, who committed terrorist acts as the principals of the Weather Underground unit. That’s fine with the Legacy media, who see no conflict in a sitting President having such associations. On the other hand, if you are a […]

Here’s your reason – right here.

March 5, 2012


U.S. District Court Judge Benson Everett Legg (I like him for the name alone – you know, like ‘HogLeg’ add a ‘g’), has ruled today in the Maryland District Court, that Maryland residents do not need to provide a ‘good and substantial’ reason to obtain a handgun permit.  In so doing, Judge Legg – a […]