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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Anderson Cooper and the CNN sponsored Democrat Tribal Dance

October 14, 2015


First, some general thoughts about the first CNN Democrat Presidential debate last night from the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. As a brief aside, Steve Wynn is a strange cat politically. He has gone on anti-Obama rants, but is a “Democrat Businessman” and campaign contributor of Harry Reid. Of course, knowing how Harry Reid operates […]

Democrats are from the Red Planet

April 25, 2013


It used to be that ‘Inmates running the Asylum’ was just a facetious toss off phrase in reaction to hearing something odd and random and out of order.  As things go in California however, the odd, random, FUBAR (if you don’t know it, I’m not translating it), and out of order are the order of […]

California Hard Reset – Elizabeth Emken

October 18, 2012


Anyone who has been around the block with cell phones, laptop computers or really any device with a central processing chip and a operating system, knows that eventually the device will cease to properly function.  The screen will freeze and the device is useless. The less ‘tech challenged’ among us, know how to restore normal […]

Mama Grizzlies against Global Green Greed

June 19, 2012


One thing about topics that always amazes me is how I find them – or maybe, how they find me. It’s kind of like the saying ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ and today was no exception. It just reached out and smacked me, but it felt like a kiss. It had to happen […]