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Donald Trump is on Probation

November 9, 2016


So, here we are – November 9th. The election is over and the country is not united, in fact it is split down the middle, as the results of the vote tallys indicate – Clinton winning the popular vote and Trump, the electoral vote. I have some random thoughts about the outcome and this is […]

Donald Trump’s Yuuuuge Millennial and Independent problem – It’s either Ted Cruz or we lose

March 15, 2016


I normally dislike such insipid titles as the one I chose for this column. But in this particular case, the reality could not be more simple and straightforward. As the GOP Presidential nomination race moves forward, it is becoming more evident that in terms of voter’s preference, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are going to […]

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders – two brands of Political Mouthwash

February 12, 2016


  I had an interesting discussion with a close friend today about a handful of topics. We talked about the trance that millions of people in this country have fallen into – not just with Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton also. Of course, with Hillary, that’s a long standing phenomenon; with Trump it’s all more […]

Donald Trump’s Incoherent Reality TV (Un) Presidential Campaign

February 8, 2016


  In this week’s post mortem on the Iowa Caucus and the cratering of Donald Trump’s storyline of dominance and inevitability, I outlined a number of takeaways from the outcome of the election and the Trump campaign’s response to it. There is quite a bit more that is resonating outward from the initial ‘Big Bang’ […]

Donald Trump – your newest Lucy Van Pelt

January 31, 2016


Everyone that grew up with Charles Schulz’ Peanuts cartoon strip and the animated specials, recognizes someone like Charlie Brown, the earnest, good hearted, self conscious and regretfully easily duped, little fellow that really wants to believe. He’s also mildly neurotic and tortured by insecurity and doubts. Many of us even see a bit of ourselves […]

The Donald Trump Natural Born Nonsense that won’t die Naturally

January 18, 2016


The Natural Born Citizen issue that reared its ugly head before and during the most recent GOP Presidential debate in Charleston, SC – is still actively being disputed in the Conservative social media universe and in the news cycle itself. Donald Trump is hammering on it in speeches in Iowa and, not surprisingly, Ann Coulter […]

The Rumble in Lost Wages Part Deux – The GOP Poker Game

December 16, 2015


  My impressions of the last GOP debate of 2015, will be from the 35,000 foot level and I’ll avoid getting too far in the weeds. This is appropriate because one of the CNN analysts asked, “Did we hear substantive plans?” and the answer is that we did not. What we did hear, with some […]

Ted Cruz, Winner – plus the also rans at the Values Voter Summit 2015 – Rubio, Carson, Huckabee

September 30, 2015


To make good on my promise to discuss the appearances of the rest of the GOP hopefuls that attended the 2015 Values Voter Summit last week, I’m going to outline the impact they had and the points they scored or didn’t score with the evangelical Republican audiences gathered at the event – a segment representing […]

Carly Fiorina – Washington Outsider or Corporate Welfare Queen?

September 28, 2015


Carly Fiorina’s candidacy has heated up in recent weeks on the basis of a couple of factors that are regularly noted by pundits. One is that she is in a class of GOP hopefuls that is considered a group of political “outsiders”, including Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The appeal is based on the notion […]

Donald Trump’s Circus Act at the Values Voter Summit

September 26, 2015


My general reputation as a writer – and my outlook with regard to elections, is that I believe less is more when it comes to mixing religion with politics. This is not to say that I think that agnostics or atheists are preferable for elected office. By no means. It’s simply that I am naturally […]