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Donald Trump and the CNN GOP Toe Fungus Debate

September 17, 2015


As to the title of this report, the corporate sponsor of last night’s debate was Kerydin – the latest and greatest OTC toe fungus cure. I’m not sure why Fougera Pharmaceuticals thinks that Republican voters are a prime demographic for toe fungus remedies. Maybe they have discovered that Jublia has a corner on the Democrat […]

What’s wrong and right about Donald Trump, the Presidential Apprentice? Almost everything and almost nothing.

July 13, 2015


This will be the first and the last column I have written exclusively about the subject of Donald Trump and his candidacy. I’m known as a critic of the Donald. I’ve nicknamed him “Donald Chump” – not because I think he is a chump, but more because of my concern that he might wind up […]

Ted Cruz – The Foreign Policy Goldilocks

April 22, 2015


Part of what prompted me to write this column was a segment on Fox News a few nights ago.  (Editor’s Note: this report has been updated since its’ original 4/22/15 publication).  Sean Hannity, whom I only watch when I’m visiting  mom in Arizona, was interviewing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani about what the mayor […]

The Compassion of the Religion of Peace is Fatal

December 16, 2014


One of the main issues that commenced my fallout with George W. Bush, was the incredible statement he made that “Islam is a religion of peace”. From that moment forward, I began to see the fiction of the ‘War On Terror’ in an entirely new light. There could be no war on terror if the […]

Mitt Romney 2016 – Don’t Even Think About It, Say No Go!

October 24, 2014


  Well, I tell you what. I had an article to write about all the ferment within the neo-con wing of the GOP about Mitt taking another shot at the presidential nomination, but I put it on a back burner to simmer. That was until “the Donald” – yes, that Donald, Donald Trump forced my […]

Reforms or Satan Sandwiches?

November 9, 2013


In the battle of ideologies, the ground being fought over is the mind of the vast political middle, consisting paradoxically of mostly apolitical people.  The Art of War for conservatives must account for the premise that words have meaning.  Conservatives respect words, their content, their meaning, their etiology and their proper use.  At one time, […]

It’s A Family Affair

June 17, 2013


Barbara Bush shocked listeners when she made her now famous comment to Matt Lauer on the Today show regarding the prospects of another Bush in the White House that, “There are other people out there that are very qualified and we’ve had enough Bushes.” A speech given recently by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, underlined […]

Diversity Killed Lee Rigby

May 27, 2013


One aspect of the  recent London terror murder of Soldier Lee Rigby, that stands out in my estimation, is the response of the public officials.  Britain has long been under the threat of islamist attacks from within and has suffered much loss of life and limb in the last decade, but the government has walked […]

What Is Conservativism and what isn’t?

January 22, 2013


Communication on Blasted Fools is not simply a one way street.  I’ve decided that for the new year, I want to encourage more reader involvement in the posts.  I’m going to start off with something that I think about daily and keeps insisting on some answers.  What is ‘Conservatism’ and what defines a person as […]

Blasted Fools’ Person of the Year 2012

December 31, 2012


Well, the election results for ‘Blasted Fool’ Person of the Year 2012 are in and have been certified by moi.  It was a landslide, ladies and gentlemen.  His election was never really in doubt.  The reasons for this were chronicled in part here on Blasted Fools earlier this year.  Every audacious assault on the ramparts […]