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The Internet Sales Tax – More is Never Enough

May 22, 2013


The Internet Sales Tax.   Nothing illustrates the ravenous nature of BigGov and its insatiable desire to destroy even the smallest extant vestiges of Free Enterprise in America than the effort underway to pull millions of small businesses into their net of taxation.  While the support this legislation is getting on Capitol Hill from Democrats […]

Sgt. Prepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

March 27, 2013


I wrote a piece last year called “Tea Party Terrorists”, in which I detailed that the Department of Homeland Security – the Frankenstein monster spawned from the ashes of 9/11 – commissioned a survey from the University of Maryland National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.  The study concluded that conservatives […]

Even Monkeys in the Trees (Can) Do it

March 6, 2013


Greetings Blasted Foolers, I’ve figured out I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting around here.  If someone has driven home a point more economically and more entertainingly and with higher impact than I can – why try to improve on it?   That’s why I enjoyed this ‘Mental Martini Du Jour’ and I […]

What Is Conservativism and what isn’t?

January 22, 2013


Communication on Blasted Fools is not simply a one way street.  I’ve decided that for the new year, I want to encourage more reader involvement in the posts.  I’m going to start off with something that I think about daily and keeps insisting on some answers.  What is ‘Conservatism’ and what defines a person as […]

The ‘Chicken’ Game

December 3, 2012


The ‘Fiscal Cliff’.  Of all the shameful travesties that have come forth from a federal government that neither the founding fathers, nor any other American leader of substance would recognize, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ ranks near the top in terms of cowardice, foolishness and gross negligence. On the odd chance that the Fiscal Cliff hasn’t come […]

November 6th – the New April Fools’ Day

November 26, 2012


The one point of universal agreement among people who look at the world and events through the lens of conservatism, is that this election is a wake up call. Not the typical one we tend to imagine – the morning alarm, but more akin to being summarily doused with a nice, cold bucket of water […]

Karnak the Great Has Spoken

November 5, 2012


Editor’s Note:  This post was a personal ‘Waterloo’ for me.  I  slightly  made  a colossal maroon out of myself, having believed – (worse yet, publicly proclaiming) that Romney was going to drop 308 electoral votes on Obama.  I’d like to say that I had no such notion, and that I was just hustling you for […]

Tea Party’s Over – Let’s Roll!

August 9, 2012


Are the Wall Street bailouts in the Constitution?  Is Obamacare in the Constitution?  Is the Federal Reserve in the Constitution?  Are undeclared wars in the Constitution?  Illegal Immigration?  Operation Fast and Furious?   ‘Executive Orders’?  Pat downs and Scanning machines at the Airport? Random searches?  Mandatory Arbitration?  Regulating Commerce while investing in private businesses?   The […]

Who’s responsible for this!!!

June 28, 2012


Nope, it’s not them. What I have to say today is not going to please many of you. Some, who read my posts regularly, will scratch me from the list permanently. That’s O.K. – I have to keep it real and not sugar coat the truth. Today is Obama’s ‘Get out of Jail free card’ […]

The ‘Action Equation’

April 30, 2012


My best friend is working on some politically sensitive projects, consulting the GOP on Asian foreign policy matters, so for the sake of this particular post, I’ll assign him a nom de plume – ‘Thomas Paine’, we’ll say.  He has his reasons and they are good ones and so do I.   Anyway, he just provided […]