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Sanctuary Cities and the sham of Community Policing in Illegal immigrant neighborhoods

August 1, 2015


 Law Enforcement takes second place in Sanctuary Cities.  Job Number One?  – make everyone gleeful. Almost universally, these sanctuary cities serve up a stock rationalization of sheltering illegals from immigration enforcement. They claim that if they were to cooperate with federal authorities, their ‘community policing’ programs would falter – the premise being that illegal aliens […]

San Francisco and ICE fight over who turned a murderer loose – “Hey, It’s Not My Job!”

July 19, 2015


Because the publicity that has attached itself to Kathryn Steinle’s murder is so toxic, city officials in San Francisco and the Department of Homeland Security are engaged in a food fight over who allowed her murderer to walk free on the street, among us. The answer is both and a few other players besides. Instead […]

The New Statue Of Liberty Inscription – Open Borders Edition

July 15, 2015


Liberals, Progressives, Democrats and the GOP remain unmoved by Sanctuary City murders

July 14, 2015


            “Someone killed by an undocumented? How unfortunate… We’ll it’s none of our affair.” Liberals, Democrats and GOP open border advocates are in panic mode, responding to the public uproar over the crime wave occurring in the vacuum of immigration enforcement. Not because there is any remorse over the heartbreak and loss suffered by the […]

What’s wrong and right about Donald Trump, the Presidential Apprentice? Almost everything and almost nothing.

July 13, 2015


This will be the first and the last column I have written exclusively about the subject of Donald Trump and his candidacy. I’m known as a critic of the Donald. I’ve nicknamed him “Donald Chump” – not because I think he is a chump, but more because of my concern that he might wind up […]

Sanctuary Much – The Business and Politics of Immigration Enforcement Free Zones in America’s Cities

July 11, 2015


My previous column, San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle’s death – “No soy culpable.”, – the first in a multi-part series, looked at San Francisco’s pioneering role in establishing a Cordon Sanitaire against federal immigration enforcement, known as Sanctuary City and its effect in making life more dangerous for legal residents. […]

San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle death – “No Soy Culpable”

July 9, 2015


Kathryn Steinle and her family In my previous column, I discussed the intense focus of federal, state and municipal coordination in the effort to organizes extra security for the 4th of July holiday, based on threat assessments of the Islamic State and the risk of a domestic attack. I allowed that such an attack was […]

The Only Thing We Have To Fear …

July 4, 2015


The media is partnering with the government to reinforce irrational fear regarding domestic terrorism from the ISIS threat. Unless Americans can be convinced that jihadists are swarming the country and that “chatter” in the social media communications grid and on cell phones suggest that an attack is imminent, no sane justification remains for the excessive […]

Don’t Fall For These Old Tricks

January 28, 2014


I’m going to be organizing a social media and phone campaign, designed to complement the efforts of NumbersUSA and the Heritage Foundation’s Sentinel program, in opposing and pushing back against the move in Congress to legalize the status of 15 million Illegal Aliens.  That will be starting next week, by which time we will see […]

Losing Private Ryan

August 2, 2013


This is not exclusively on Congressman and erstwhile Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but Ryan – along with Senator Marco Rubio, are the most notable examples of how elastic any politician with higher ambitions can be when they succumb to the wiles of the lobbying machinery in Washington D.C. I realize that sounds like they […]