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Donald Trump and the CNN GOP Toe Fungus Debate

September 17, 2015


As to the title of this report, the corporate sponsor of last night’s debate was Kerydin – the latest and greatest OTC toe fungus cure. I’m not sure why Fougera Pharmaceuticals thinks that Republican voters are a prime demographic for toe fungus remedies. Maybe they have discovered that Jublia has a corner on the Democrat […]

San Francisco and ICE fight over who turned a murderer loose – “Hey, It’s Not My Job!”

July 19, 2015


Because the publicity that has attached itself to Kathryn Steinle’s murder is so toxic, city officials in San Francisco and the Department of Homeland Security are engaged in a food fight over who allowed her murderer to walk free on the street, among us. The answer is both and a few other players besides. Instead […]

The New Statue Of Liberty Inscription – Open Borders Edition

July 15, 2015


What’s wrong and right about Donald Trump, the Presidential Apprentice? Almost everything and almost nothing.

July 13, 2015


This will be the first and the last column I have written exclusively about the subject of Donald Trump and his candidacy. I’m known as a critic of the Donald. I’ve nicknamed him “Donald Chump” – not because I think he is a chump, but more because of my concern that he might wind up […]

Sanctuary Much – The Business and Politics of Immigration Enforcement Free Zones in America’s Cities

July 11, 2015


My previous column, San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle’s death – “No soy culpable.”, – the first in a multi-part series, looked at San Francisco’s pioneering role in establishing a Cordon Sanitaire against federal immigration enforcement, known as Sanctuary City and its effect in making life more dangerous for legal residents. […]

San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle death – “No Soy Culpable”

July 9, 2015


Kathryn Steinle and her family In my previous column, I discussed the intense focus of federal, state and municipal coordination in the effort to organizes extra security for the 4th of July holiday, based on threat assessments of the Islamic State and the risk of a domestic attack. I allowed that such an attack was […]

The Only Thing We Have To Fear …

July 4, 2015


The media is partnering with the government to reinforce irrational fear regarding domestic terrorism from the ISIS threat. Unless Americans can be convinced that jihadists are swarming the country and that “chatter” in the social media communications grid and on cell phones suggest that an attack is imminent, no sane justification remains for the excessive […]

Pop Quiz – Who Said This? Liberal – Conservative – Democrat – Republican?

July 10, 2014


Here is a series of quotes regarding the unlawful border crossing surge of thousands of migrants into the United States from Texas. All of the quotes below are from the same individual. “We have an immediate humanitarian crisis that confronts this country. We also have a crisis in terms of: this country cannot absorb, nor […]

The Thanksgiving Illusion

November 27, 2013


I realize that I’m going to establish for myself, a reputation as an iconoclast and a ‘Grinch that stole Thanksgiving’ – or at the very least the ‘Grinch that defended the theft of Thanksgiving’.  I would be happy to settle for non-conformist and independent thinker, but let the critics do their worst.  It has come to my […]

Don’t Get Fooled Again

November 22, 2013


I’ve been writing about Illegal Aliens and Comprehensive Immigration ‘Reform’ from a lot of different angles.  That it’s not economically sustainable, that it wreaks havoc on our culture and educational system, the crime, that immigrant ‘family values’ are in no way superior to ours, as Jeb Bush claims, and that not vigorously enforcing immigration law […]