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What Is Our National Purpose?

September 6, 2013


What Is Our National Purpose? I was listening to a radio program a couple days ago, which featured a story that arrested my attention and set some gears in motion in my overheated gray matter.  For those of you in Rio Linda, California – that’s a brain. The basic theme of the profile, had to […]

Reform This!

July 28, 2013


You’ll pardon me if I’m so angry I can scarcely see straight. We have predators running loose in this country and the vermin in Congress don’t care about you or me, just satisfying the special interests and their insatiable appetite for cheap labor. Louise Sollowin is the latest victim – not the only victim, just […]

As Heads Is Tails Just Call Me Unconvinced

June 25, 2013


“Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints As heads is tails just call me Lucifer (cause) I’m in need of some restraint” I’ve always found ‘Sympathy For the Devil’, by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, to be one of the most profound social statements of the classic rock music era.  […]

A Pathway to Devastation

June 10, 2013


As I listen to the prominent voices championing Comprehensive Immigration Reform, whether they be among the politicos or the opinion makers, there is a universal theme.  The theme is that we owe a path to citizenship to 12 million migrants who violated our immigration laws.  It’s as if amnesty is not a matter of generosity, […]

Car Salesmen and Immigration Reform

April 14, 2013


First of all, despite my unwillingness to devolve to politically correct terminology (see Associated Press and Illegal Immigrant), I will point out that women also sell cars, new and used, although not in great numbers.  What I mean, not in great numbers, is that I haven’t noticed a lot of ladies in the car selling […]

Best Government Money Can Buy

February 10, 2013


One of my readers, whose curiosity was sparked by my recent post ‘Please Don’t Feed the Beast’, asked me if I knew where most of the business and organizational campaign money was coming from.  I did see some lists, but as it turns out, relatively speaking, many of the notable players in the 2012 cycle […]

Tea Party’s Over – Let’s Roll!

August 9, 2012


Are the Wall Street bailouts in the Constitution?  Is Obamacare in the Constitution?  Is the Federal Reserve in the Constitution?  Are undeclared wars in the Constitution?  Illegal Immigration?  Operation Fast and Furious?   ‘Executive Orders’?  Pat downs and Scanning machines at the Airport? Random searches?  Mandatory Arbitration?  Regulating Commerce while investing in private businesses?   The […]