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Lara Logan – Journalistic Integrity – it’s not always an Oxymoron

October 11, 2012


I have the sense that I’ve just discovered the needle – or at least a needle, in the proverbial haystack.  A field reporter inside the belly of the beast – the legacy, political, corporate media, that has actually dared to contradict that media’s anointed President and his administration. It’s a little shocking to hear what […]

The Superior Intellect of Obama Supporters

September 24, 2012


People, people, people.   There is nothing funnier or scarier than real life.   When I found this video – actually, it’s really just a piece of audio from the Howard Stern radio show – I really didn’t know what I was going to hear. I tried to listen to it and keep things on the downlow […]

Mexicans – Doing the job the American Media won’t do

September 24, 2012


Mexicans – doing the job American Media won’t do… Spanish language news anchors from Univision, got some face time with Barack Obama a few days ago.   To the extent that it is permissible by the MSM to ask tough questions and back the President of the United States into a corner, they made a respectable […]

Aaron Sorkin, the ‘Crack’ TV Writer

July 24, 2012


A close friend (who shares my affinity for situational anonymity) sent me this video and his comments, along with a request for my take on the excerpt from the program ‘Newsroom’, which is up for Emmy nominations. I will pass along the advisory note that he issued, as to the modest profanity employed by the […]

Jack in the (Ballot) Box

July 18, 2012


Democrats typically take a laisse faire, whatever happens, happens, it’s all good, approach to elections. No worries, mate. What? Pardon me, did you mention something about Bush V. Gore in 2000? Oh, yeah – how could I forget that? They got their shorts in a pretty tight bunch about that one didn’t they? But generally, […]

Running on fumes

July 13, 2012


I’m sure none of you has ever done anything as irresponsible or absent minded as ignoring the gas gauge in the car and then when it is of critical importance, frantically searching for the next station to fill your tank and avoid being stranded. Right? But whether you have or not, it is disconcerting at […]