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The Romney Speech – Pluses, Minuses and Question Marks

August 30, 2012


Reflections on Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech; I watched Romney’s entire speech and while listening, took some mental notations.  To just set the tone for my personal perspective, let me preface my thoughts with the following. First, I think the GOP nomination process served up to us a very weak and poorly qualified cast of participants.  […]

Veterans in the crosshairs

August 24, 2012


After submitting to you the report on Sergeant Brandon Raub’s unlawful detention by the FBI and Secret Service and being held captive at a VA Hospital Psychiatric ward, I thought it might be eye-opening and informative to let you see just exactly what it was that Sgt. Raub said that raised the dander of federal […]

Tea Party’s Over – Let’s Roll!

August 9, 2012


Are the Wall Street bailouts in the Constitution?  Is Obamacare in the Constitution?  Is the Federal Reserve in the Constitution?  Are undeclared wars in the Constitution?  Illegal Immigration?  Operation Fast and Furious?   ‘Executive Orders’?  Pat downs and Scanning machines at the Airport? Random searches?  Mandatory Arbitration?  Regulating Commerce while investing in private businesses?   The […]

Aaron Sorkin, the ‘Crack’ TV Writer

July 24, 2012


A close friend (who shares my affinity for situational anonymity) sent me this video and his comments, along with a request for my take on the excerpt from the program ‘Newsroom’, which is up for Emmy nominations. I will pass along the advisory note that he issued, as to the modest profanity employed by the […]

Sound and Fury signifying Prejudice

July 20, 2012


It should come as no surprise and no shock that the Left and the political media’s first impulse concerning the horrendous attack on theatergoers in Aurora, Colorado last night – is to score political points against conservatives. The ugly mask of hatred and deep-seated bias against constitutionally guaranteed rights is in no way limited to […]

Tea Party Terrorists

July 11, 2012


President Obama is bosom buddies with a pair of lovely individuals, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Doern, who committed terrorist acts as the principals of the Weather Underground unit. That’s fine with the Legacy media, who see no conflict in a sitting President having such associations. On the other hand, if you are a […]

Carville Comics

June 27, 2012


As the election cycle progresses, the usual ‘Jack in the Box’ nature of crazy liberal / Democrat / Progress-o-bats flapping their wings here, there and everywhere and issuing quotes that would make a fall down drunk seem lucid in comparison – is going into hyperdrive. Actually, from my standpoint, having just dealt with ‘Mad Maxine […]

Mad Maxine the Horrible Hag

June 26, 2012


Do you recall, in my description of ‘Blasted Fools’, where I say that civility ain’t all that and a bag of chips?  We’ll this is where the rubber meets the road.  Sometimes there are just people who, if you can’t say anything nice about them – you still have to say something.  See something, say […]

The ‘Action Equation’

April 30, 2012


My best friend is working on some politically sensitive projects, consulting the GOP on Asian foreign policy matters, so for the sake of this particular post, I’ll assign him a nom de plume – ‘Thomas Paine’, we’ll say.  He has his reasons and they are good ones and so do I.   Anyway, he just provided […]