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Today’s Japanese Lesson – BABURU KEIZAI

February 9, 2014


There’s another story behind the glitter of our mass media economic reporting.   The Japanese have ‘been there, done that’. I thought the title, ‘Baburu Keizai’ might be intriguing enough to get you to read the post to find out the meaning.  You probably already suspect that it is a  Japanese phrase.  Well, this phrase, and […]

Me and My Old ‘Gray Lady’

May 3, 2013


I seldom give myself an ‘attaboy’ when an argument that I’ve made here is vindicated by another notable media source.  But when the media source is one that historically has carried water for Democrat office holders, it seems like a special occasion.   Special occasion it may be, but it is no cause for celebration in […]

Democrats are from the Red Planet

April 25, 2013


It used to be that ‘Inmates running the Asylum’ was just a facetious toss off phrase in reaction to hearing something odd and random and out of order.  As things go in California however, the odd, random, FUBAR (if you don’t know it, I’m not translating it), and out of order are the order of […]

The Fed Feeds the Bull

April 7, 2013


A lot of people are puzzled by the strange disconnect between the behavior of investors in the stock market and the underlying fundamentals of the economy.   Psychologists call this ‘dissonance’, which is an expensive word to describe the feeling that what I’m seeing doesn’t make sense.  You’ve been seeing the Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]

Blasted Fools’ Person of the Year 2012

December 31, 2012


Well, the election results for ‘Blasted Fool’ Person of the Year 2012 are in and have been certified by moi.  It was a landslide, ladies and gentlemen.  His election was never really in doubt.  The reasons for this were chronicled in part here on Blasted Fools earlier this year.  Every audacious assault on the ramparts […]

President Obama – you DID build this

July 25, 2012


President Obama, you DID build this…but you didn’t do it all by yourself. Obama’s comments on the campaign trail, telling the audience that he’s of the belief that the business owner wasn’t the prime mover behind the creation of his or her enterprise, has had incredible traction, both in terms of shelf life and potential […]

They’re ‘Just Not that into You’ anymore

June 25, 2012


“Hello Mr. President? Yes, it’s me, Blasted Fools. Just great, family’s doing fine, thank you. Well, we could use a break on gas prices. Yes, yes – I know. Listen, I’m sorry to bring bad tidings regarding your re-election hopes, but the youth vote is moving away. Yes, that’s what I said.  That’s correct, Mr. […]