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You Can’t Protect America with a Blindfold on.

December 6, 2015


Editor’s Note:  This is the first of a three part series on domestic terror prompted by the edicts of the “religion of peace”. We will begin with examining what the actual causes are of attacks like the one in San Bernardino, Boston and Garland, Texas, and by contrast, what aspects are merely the effects. The […]

I, Gun Owner

October 19, 2015


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of personal narratives from real people, who rely on the natural law and Constitutional freedom to use firearms to defend themselves from crime. In recreating their stories, I have allowed them anonymity to respect their privacy. These composite first person accounts and viewpoints are characteristic of […]

Laws and Politicians are made to be broken

March 28, 2014


Living in the Tarnished State is a gift that just keeps giving.  A most amazing, but not terribly surprising event was reported in varying degrees of detail over the last 24 hours,  about a California Democrat State Senator – a major gun-control advocate.  The Los Angeles Times summarizes the headline: State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San […]

Black Gun History Month and the NRA

March 5, 2014


No matter what the subject matter or news item, mass media in America has a set pattern, pre-cut, of how Blacks and other minorities fit into the narrative.  No individual or group that diverges from that established frame is welcome or relevant, as people like Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West and my friend, Anita […]

More Cats, Less Rats

September 24, 2013


  I’ve written numerous columns illustrating the staggering lack of logic and reason within the gun control movement among liberals at large, in the media and within the Democrat party.  I found it necessary to return to the topic, because I just got a super-sized example of the impaired judgment and intellectual dishonesty of gunophobes […]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in D.C.

May 31, 2013


This story would be disconcerting, nonsensical and puzzling if it took place in any but a handful of cities in this country, but when you hear that it unfolded in Washington D.C., you just think to yourself – “yeah, I get it”. Picture this in your mind.  You hear a child crying out in horror […]

They Can’t Handle the Truth

May 10, 2013


A few days earlier, I posted ‘Necessity Is A Mother‘, in which I described to you Defense Distributed, Cody R. Wilson, it’s founder and the engineering marvels he has innovated, including the first complete 3-D Printed gun.  Since then, Mr. Wilson has successfully performed an initial test of the gun as witnessed by the BBC: […]

Necessity Is A Mother

May 5, 2013


It’s said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  No, that wasn’t Frank Zappa – I believe it was Plato. Well, invention may have leapfrogged necessity by a few feet here, but an emerging technology – 3-D Printers, has the momentum to render all of the debates about gun ownership and gun control, a moot […]

Democrats are from the Red Planet

April 25, 2013


It used to be that ‘Inmates running the Asylum’ was just a facetious toss off phrase in reaction to hearing something odd and random and out of order.  As things go in California however, the odd, random, FUBAR (if you don’t know it, I’m not translating it), and out of order are the order of […]

Sgt. Prepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

March 27, 2013


I wrote a piece last year called “Tea Party Terrorists”, in which I detailed that the Department of Homeland Security – the Frankenstein monster spawned from the ashes of 9/11 – commissioned a survey from the University of Maryland National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.  The study concluded that conservatives […]