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Donald Trump is on Probation

November 9, 2016


So, here we are – November 9th. The election is over and the country is not united, in fact it is split down the middle, as the results of the vote tallys indicate – Clinton winning the popular vote and Trump, the electoral vote. I have some random thoughts about the outcome and this is […]

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders – two brands of Political Mouthwash

February 12, 2016


  I had an interesting discussion with a close friend today about a handful of topics. We talked about the trance that millions of people in this country have fallen into – not just with Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton also. Of course, with Hillary, that’s a long standing phenomenon; with Trump it’s all more […]

You’re Not Voting For A President – You’re Hiring An Employee

October 16, 2015


You’re not electing a President, you’re hiring an employee Somehow, someway, things have gone off of the rails in America. A Presidential campaign has come to be seen as an ad campaign with the candidate being the subject of the best marketing techniques and image positioning. Part popularity contest and part careful and cautious stage […]

San Francisco & Obama Administration Falsely Justify their Sanctuary City Policies – They Lied, Kate Died

July 23, 2015


We previously looked at how San Francisco, or “Sanctuary Francisco” officials, not being able to take the heat  – are fleeing the kitchen and trying in vain to deflect responsibility to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for releasing dangerous illegal alien felons back into the city. Although, they may not have a shred of moral conscience, […]

Sanctuary Much – The Business and Politics of Immigration Enforcement Free Zones in America’s Cities

July 11, 2015


My previous column, San Francisco and Federal Officials plead innocence in Kathryn Steinle’s death – “No soy culpable.”, – the first in a multi-part series, looked at San Francisco’s pioneering role in establishing a Cordon Sanitaire against federal immigration enforcement, known as Sanctuary City and its effect in making life more dangerous for legal residents. […]

Marco Rubio’s new “Gang of Six” – Another thug attack on American Workers

May 21, 2015


Marco Rubio may have abandoned the “Gang of Eight” amnesty legislation he helped pass in the Senate, out of political expediency, but he’s by no means finished his assault on American workers. This time, he’s forged another immigration coalition to assist corporations in the tech sector of the economy to replace their workers with imported […]

Ted Cruz – The Foreign Policy Goldilocks

April 22, 2015


Part of what prompted me to write this column was a segment on Fox News a few nights ago.  (Editor’s Note: this report has been updated since its’ original 4/22/15 publication).  Sean Hannity, whom I only watch when I’m visiting  mom in Arizona, was interviewing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani about what the mayor […]

Obama gets go ahead for new round of arming Islamic State militants

September 22, 2014


                          ISIS needs more trained fighters – Obama and Congress to the rescue There was an expression I heard somewhat frequently growing up – particularly when working with my father.  “Don’t just stand around, do something, even if it’s wrong!”  I recognized this for the negative and facetious comment that it was, and filed it […]

Britain’s Got Terror Talent

September 8, 2014


Many of you have heard of the 82 year old woman, beloved in her community, whose head was hacked off in a London suburb, by a crazed Machete wielding assailant.  But the details of the story that are emerging, no thanks to Scotland Yard, are causing me to do a double take on a number […]

Pop Quiz – Who Said This? Liberal – Conservative – Democrat – Republican?

July 10, 2014


Here is a series of quotes regarding the unlawful border crossing surge of thousands of migrants into the United States from Texas. All of the quotes below are from the same individual. “We have an immediate humanitarian crisis that confronts this country. We also have a crisis in terms of: this country cannot absorb, nor […]